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GARTOL Telescopic Hedge Shears,Long Handle Garden Shears with Very Sharp Sk5 Wavy Carbon Steel Blades,Anti-Slip Grip and Premium Rust-Resistant Steel, Gardening Tool for Hedges, Shrubs and Bushes

9 May 2024
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Based on customer reviews, this garden shear scissors product seems to be highly praised for its quality, sharpness, and ease of use. Many customers found it to be the best shears they have used, with the ability to cut through even thicker branches easily. It is also noted that it makes pruning tasks quick and efficient. However, there are some concerns about durability, with a few customers reporting issues such as the handle breaking after a few uses. Overall, this product appears to be a great choice for gardening tasks, but potential buyers may want to consider the durability aspect before making a purchase.

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GARTOL Gardening Tools

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GARTOL stands as a distinguished brand in the realm of horticultural tools, earning its reputation across the United States for over 20 years. The guiding principle of “product as a service” has been at the heart of GARTOL’s operations, and woven into their approach towards product design and development. They effortlessly marry professionalism, longevity, and visual appeal that are immensely appreciated by discerning professional users.

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COMFORTABLE ADJUSTABLE HANDLES: Our hedge trimmer is a must have gardening tool ideal for trimming and shaping hedges, decorative shrubs. Reach any shrub far and high! The overall length in closed position is 26’’ and the overall length in extended mode is 34.6’’ made of high quality aluminum alloy and TPR non-slip rubber. Ergonomic designed soft-grip touch points enhance comfort and control.
UNIQUE UNDULATING BLADE DESIGN FOR PRECISE CUTS: Easily shape a variety of shrubs with our hedge pruning shears featuring a wavy-blade design for mistake-free trimming. Fully hardened, precision-ground SK5 High Carbon steel 9 in. blades stay sharp and cut all the way to the tip, and a low-friction, rust-resistant coating makes every cut easier.
ADJUSTABLE BLADES TENSION: The flower-shaped tension control knob adjusts blades for cutting denser branches with just a simple twist.
SPECIAL SHOCK-ABSORBING BUMPERS: Our manual hedge trimmer have a shock absorber for reduces noise and vibration during operation. Reduce arm and shoulder fatigue for added comfort and control during big jobs.
Full Lifetime Warranty: Why not Like it? We supplies a lifetime warranty against our gardening tools defects. Please feel free to contact us, if there are any problem. We are always available to help our customers, and solve any problem quickly.

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