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Hortem Garden Shears Set with 28″ Tree Loppers Heavy Duty, 23″ Professional Hedge Clippers, 8″ Sharp Pruning Shears as Tree & Shrub Care Kit

19 April 2024
2 mins read

Our Review

Based on the customer reviews, this garden tool set seems to be a great purchase for those looking for quality at a good value. Customers mentioned that the tools are sharp, easy to use, and perform well. They praised the set for its sturdiness and efficiency in trimming overgrown trees and hedges. Some customers even mentioned that they found gardening to be more enjoyable with these tools.

However, there were a few negative reviews mentioning issues with the secateurs and the durability of some of the tools. It seems that while most customers were satisfied with their purchase, there are some concerns about the overall quality and longevity of the set.

Overall, it seems that this garden tool set is a solid choice for those looking for an affordable option for basic gardening needs. Just be aware of the potential issues mentioned in the negative reviews before making your purchase.

Price: £39.99 - £33.99
(as of Apr 19, 2024 14:26:56 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Tree & Shrub Care Kit Tree & Shrub Care Kit

28″ Tree Loppers Heavy Duty

23″ Professional Hedge Clippers

8″ Sharp Pruning Shears


shearsshears Please pay attention

When you are not using it, put a few drops of shears oil on the blade every 2 months. This will keep the blade sharp and extend its life.In addition, because the blade is sharp, lock it after use and store it out of the reach of children.


Professional Pruning Shears Tools

Anvil Loppers

Used for pruning twigs and small branches. Tree loppers are operated with 2 hands. Typically for cutting and removing whole branches.

Hedge Shears

Used for trimming and shaping shrub and bushes. Designed to cut and trim a number of small branches at one time.

Hand Pruner

Operated with one hand, Bypass pruners are used for pruning twigs and small branches. Typically for branches that are thinner than loppers can cut.

garden shearsgarden shears

garden shearsgarden shears

garden shearsgarden shears


Our 3-point lever drive technology gives you 3X more power on every cut, and gives you the best leverage where the branch is thickest.


Shock absorbent springs and ergonomic rubber handles make shearing easier and less labor intensive.


Shock-absorbing Bumper softens jarring vibrations of abrupt stops and reduces wrist and shoulder pain.

garden shearsgarden shears

garden shearsgarden shears

garden shearsgarden shears


The heavy duty tree loppers’ blades cut up to 2″ diameter with a quick chop. Loppers are meant for pruning both green and dry/woody growth branches.


Ergonomically designed garden scissors, durable, lightweight, and comfortable, can cut up to 3/4″ diameter-sized tree branches.

Hardened Carbon Steel Wavy Blade

The sharp-wavy blades make cut smoothly and easily, keep the twigs from slipping off. Hedge shears are suitable for trimming hedges, shrubs instead of crude old branches of hardwood.

3PCS GARDEN SHEARS SET: 3 Piece combo garden Tool Set includes 72cm professional lopper and 58cm heavy duty hedge shears and 21cm sharp soft grip bypass pruner.
EXCELLENT CUTTING CAPACIY: The garden shears set is made with high carbon precision-ground steel blades, easily solve your toughest trimming work. The heavy duty loppers’ blades cut up to 5.2cm diameter with a quick chop, the pruner shear’s maximum cutting capacity is up to 2cm diameter.
MULTI-USE GARDEN TOOLS SET: This heavy duty garden lopper is ideal for cutting living limbs, branches, bushes & shrubs, the manual bush trimmers let you trim thicker shrubs more easily and pruning shears are snipping stems and light branches comfortably. With this tools kit, you can easily fix up the yard.
COMFORTABLE NON-SLIP HANDLE: These gardening tools are equipped with comfortable rubber handles, which makes gardening both pleasurable and efficient.The lightweight gardening tools which is easy to store and carry,even for elderly gardener.
SATISFACTORY SERVICE: We have a completely reliable after-sales team, no matter what problem, please feel free to contact us, we will give you a timely satisfactory solution.

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