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Wolf-Garten Multi-Change Dutch Hoe DHM

4 June 2024
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Based on customer reviews, it is clear that the Wolf Garten tools are highly praised for their quality, convenience, and durability. Customers have mentioned that the tools are well-made, easy to store, and provide great performance in the garden. The click on changeable heads system is also highlighted as a key feature that adds to the overall excellence of the product. Overall, customers seem to be very satisfied with their purchase and would recommend these garden tools to others.

Price: £14.00
(as of Jun 04, 2024 16:48:01 UTC – Details)

This classic Dutch Hoe is made from premium quality cold-rolled steel with a zinc lacquer finish, the blade self-sharpens during use for an unbeatable performance, even after years of use. With a working width of 13cm, it is ideal for breaking up soil and cutting through weeds between plants or vegetables. It is designed to glide through the soil at precisely the right angle whilst you maintain an upright position so you don’t damage your back by bending. As part of the unique multi-change system, this tool head should be used with one of the 11 handles in the multi-change range. Simply choose the correct handle length to suit your height (also choose between wooden and aluminium handles) and literally ‘click’ the double hoe onto the handle to lock it into place. Attaching the head and handle takes seconds and when interlocked, you can be sure of a secure working tool that offers an unbeatable performance. Furthermore, because you have selected the correct handle length to suit your height, you will avoid any unnecessary bending or pulling while you work, allowing you to get any job done without straining your back. You can remove the double hoe tool head by pressing the release button found on the upper part of the handle and swap it for any other tool head in the collection. This multi-change system allows you to switch from hoeing to grubbing to raking up- all the while using the same handle so saving storage space, effort and more importantly, your back! Every product in the WOLF-Garten multi-change collection is manufactured in Germany to the highest of engineering standards. This quality assurance is reflected by the 10 year guarantee that covers every item in the range.
Part of Multi Change System – 1 handle fits 50 heads
Anti rust coated steel – self sharpening – 10 year guarantee
Saves storage space
Wolf Tools are ergonomic in design to protect your back
Extra strong single blade slices through weeds with ease

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