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Wolf Garten JAM20 Multi-Change Ridger

4 June 2024
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Based on the customer reviews, it’s clear that the Wolf Garten furrow tool is a highly recommended product. Customers praise its utility, ease of use, quality, and value for money. They mention that it saves a lot of time and back-breaking work when planting potatoes. Many highlight the effectiveness of the tool when used with the long handle, making the job quick and efficient. Customers also appreciate the versatility of the tool, with some mentioning its use for other garden tasks as well. Overall, the Wolf Garten furrow tool seems to be a perfect addition to any gardener’s collection, making planting potatoes a breeze.

Price: £31.00
(as of Jun 04, 2024 22:50:22 UTC – Details)

The Wolf Garten multi-change allotment tool range is designed with the vegetable grower in mind, but the tools are equally as useful for working larger flowerbeds and borders. These items are designed to make light work of essential soil cultivation tasks and, when used with the correct handle to suit your height, you can get the job done quickly and easily, whilst keeping your back straight. Wolf Garten’s multi-change range is specifically designed to be lightweight and comfortable to use. Each tool in the collection has its own distinctive feature that makes the tool work harder and last longer. Your Wolf Garten JAM is a strong and sturdy ridger in the multi-change range. Capable of producing furrows up to 20 cm wide, your Wolf Garten JAM ridger is great for using when planting potatoes and other vegetables. If you need a tool for ridging and earthing up around plants, the Wolf Garten JAM is equally at home carrying out this task too. The Wolf Garten ZM150 ash handle is ideally suited to your JAM ridger. Constructed to the highest of standards, your Wolf Garten JAM ridger is a strong and robust tool that has been built to last. As with all Wolf Garten multi-change tools, this exemplary product comes with a 10-year guarantee for that extra peace of mind.
Part of the Multi-Change Range
Produces Furrows up to 20cm Wide
For Ridging and Earthing
20cm Wide
10 Year Guarantee

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