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TULPAR™ Posture Corrector for Women and Men – Adjustable Upper Back Support Brace and Spinal Straightener Deters Slouching – Includes Additional Straps for Sizing and Posture Correction Guide

11 September 2023
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Product Review: TULPAR™ Posture Corrector for Women and Men


The TULPAR™ Posture Corrector is a highly adjustable upper back support brace and spinal straightener designed to deter slouching and promote proper posture. It features several key attributes that make it a popular choice among men and women of all ages and body types.

One of the standout features of this posture corrector is its versatility. With additional straps for larger people, the TULPAR™ Posture Corrector offers a one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you prefer to wear it on top of clothing or discreetly underneath, this brace is designed to discourage slouching in office settings.

Furthermore, the TULPAR™ Posture Corrector is made from soft and breathable materials, making it comfortable to wear in any climate. It also comes with removable armpit pads, ensuring a comfortable fit for extended periods of wear.

The highly elastic Neoprene back brace is designed to achieve spinal alignment. Equipped with stainless steel adjustment buckles and heavy-duty hook-and-loop fasteners, it effectively pulls back your shoulders for proper lumbar support.


Many customers have found the TULPAR™ Posture Corrector to be effective in providing pain relief and promoting correct posture. One customer mentioned that it keeps their back straight at almost all times and has been instrumental in relieving lower back pain associated with slouching. Additionally, the affordability of this product compared to others on the market was highly praised.

Another positive aspect of this product is its ease of use. Customers have found it comfortable to wear for extended periods, and it has helped them straighten their shoulders. The slight pressure it provides also helps reduce stooping and trains muscles to aid in standing straight.


While the TULPAR™ Posture Corrector has received positive feedback, there are some negative aspects to consider. Several customers found it difficult to put on and uncomfortable to wear, particularly under the armpits. One customer even described it as slightly painful. Additionally, the design of the product was criticized, as it tends to ride up and put pressure on the neck instead of staying on the back area.

Some customers also expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the product. They reported that the Velcro straps were weak and constantly came undone, making it difficult to keep the brace securely in place.


Overall, the TULPAR™ Posture Corrector offers a versatile and adjustable solution for improving posture and reducing slouching. Its soft and breathable materials, along with the additional straps for larger individuals, make it suitable for men and women of all ages and body types. While some customers found it uncomfortable to wear and had issues with the design and quality, many others experienced pain relief and improved posture. If you are in need of a posture corrector, the TULPAR™ Posture Corrector is worth considering, especially given its affordability compared to other options on the market.


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