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Spray Mop for Cleaning Floors, HOMTOYOU Microfiber Floor Mop Dry Wet Mop with 2 Refillable Bottles and 4 Washable Pads 360° Rotatable Cleaning Mop for Home Kitchen Hardwood Laminate Wood Tiles

3 May 2024
2 mins read

Our Review

After analyzing multiple customer reviews, it is evident that this Spray Mop is a highly recommended product. Customers have praised its lightweight design, ease of assembly, and effectiveness in cleaning floors. The included water bottles and mop heads add value to the purchase, making it a practical and economical choice for everyday cleaning tasks. Additionally, the spray feature and swivel head make mopping effortless and efficient. While some customers have reported minor issues like difficulty in assembly and concerns about durability, the overall satisfaction and positive feedback from customers far outweigh these minor drawbacks. With its affordability and effectiveness, this Spray Mop is a valuable cleaning companion that simplifies and streamlines the mopping process.

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A nice helper to clean your house with ease!

If you have any questions, please let us know.

floor mopfloor mop

I live in a single-parent family. When I was little, my mom had to work and also take care of many household chores. Floor cleaning would take a lot of time and energy as the mop bucket was too heavy and inconvenient.

So I created HOMTOYOU to provide the more convenient, lightweight cleaning tool.

Now my mom spends very little time on floor cleaning and she is very happy with the change. We hope HOMTOYOU’s cleaning tools can help you too.

spray mops for floorsspray mops for floors

mops for cleaning floorsmops for cleaning floors


Make House Cleaning A Breeze

【2 Pack Refillable Water Bottles】Considering that our customers might need to use different cleaners to cleaning different floors, we offer two water bottles, so you can add two different types of floor cleaners in the bottles and easily and quickly swap them when mopping. These water tanks are refillable, you could add your favorite cleaning solutions in it, which is money saving and convenient. We suggest that you could rinse the bottle out with water after using something other than water.
【360 Rotatable Adjustable Cleaning Mop】Due to the flexible 360° rotatable cleaning mop head, HOMTOYOU floor spray mop for wooden floors is easy to get into corners and manoeuvre under chairs and tables while cleaning the floor. No need to bend over anymore, no more achy muscles or back strain from stretching or twisting your body to reach hard-to-reach areas. Reach out every corner of your house, a great helper for you to cleaning under the couch, chair, wardrobe, bed and so on.
【4 pcs Reusable Microfiber Mop Pads Replacement】The spray mops for floors comes with 4 pcs premium microfibre mop pads for replacement. Based on the premium material and its high density weaving technology, these floor mop pads feature with strong absorption and decontamination. It can effectively grab dirt, dust, hair, and also absorb the water quickly. And these spray mop pads refills are machine washable, so just pop in the machine when finished, and hang out to dry.
【Professional Spray Mop for Home Cleaning 】To make house cleaning easier, we are always dedicated to offer a kind of practical and convenient microfiber spray floor mop with spray to our customers. The HOMTOYOU household wet & dry mops could help you to save time in applying, bending and polishing. Just fill the water bottle, slightly squeeze the spray trigger on the handle which will release a spray of water mist, and the floor can be easily cleaned when the floor is in a slightly wet state.
【Purchase with Confidence】If you have any problems with our laminate floor mop with spray bottle, please feel free to contact with us, our professional technical team is always ready for you. Please note: All of our spray mops for cleaning floors will be added water to test whether the spray function is OK, so it is normal that there might are some water in the bottle when you receive the mop. We promise that all the microfibre floor mops for hard floor you received are brand-new.

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