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Spear & Jackson 5253PK Razorsharp Enhanced Telescopic Patio Knife, Silver, 97x4x4 cm

8 May 2024
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Our Review

Based on the customer reviews, this Telescopic Patio Knife seems to be a useful tool for weeding between paving stones. Customers like the value, weight, ease of use, performance, quality, and appearance of the product. It is praised for being well-made, easy to use, and lightweight, making the job less back-breaking. However, some reviewers noted minor design flaws such as the blade being too thin and the handle coming loose at times. Overall, the majority of customers found this tool to be effective in removing weeds and muck from patios, making it a valuable addition to their gardening tools.

Price: £26.17
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From the manufacturer

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s&j logos&j logo Spear & Jackson

Spear & Jackson has been selling hand, garden, contractors, agricultural and landscaping tools since 1760.

The company was founded in the City of Sheffield, which is famous for the production of steel, cutlery and hand tools and continues to be our home over 250 years later.


The Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Garden Cutting range includes our Pro, Advance, Advantage, Steel and Active variants. These encompass a wide range of loppers, secateurs, shears and more to satisfy the needs of both gardening hobbyists and professionals.

Our ergonomic designs, combined with quality manufacturing ensure that everyday gardening is easy and enjoyable through the precise and powerful performance our Razorsharp range delivers.

Stainless steel blade for rust resistance
Telescopic handle extends up to 60 Inch
Double riveted blade for extra strength
Non-slip grip for easier use
Grow Your Own 2022 Great British Growing Award Winners

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