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SHANFEEK Crack Weeder Weed Removal Tool Gardening Hand Tools Weed Puller for Gardener(L-Shaped)

9 May 2024
2 mins read

Our Review

Based on the customer reviews, this garden tool seems to be a highly effective and versatile tool for weeding and gardening. Customers have praised its sharpness, performance, and efficiency in removing weeds, especially in tight spaces like between paving slabs.

Some users have mentioned that it is great for both lightly rooted weeds and deeper-rooted ones, making it a valuable addition to their gardening tools. The sharp blade and sturdy handle have received positive feedback, with some customers noting that it easily cuts through soil and weeds.

While there are a few comments about the size being too small for some users’ preferences, the majority of reviews highlight the tool’s effectiveness in weeding and maintaining garden beds. Overall, this tool seems to be a useful and practical investment for anyone looking to keep their garden free of unwanted vegetation.

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Product Description



All of our products are made by a professional team. They are ergonomically designed to make your use easier. They can help you with most of your everyday gardening tasks, such as weeding, loosening and planting in a small garden or yard. We pay attention to the quality and details of each product. We insist on serving every customer with the best attitude. You will be very lucky if you choose us.

List of Products





Gardening Hollow Hoe

Hollow hoe design, does not stick to the soil when used, weeding and loosening the soil easily; the handle adopts the crow’s feet anti-slip design, and the hand feels comfortable.

Japanese Weeding Hoe

The hoe is made of high-strength carbon steel one-piece forging and forming, which is strong and wear-resistant, and extremely sharp; with a hard solid wood handle, it is classic and beautiful.

Weed Puller

This is a weed puller with an extended wooden handle, ergonomically designed, very easy to pull out the roots of the grass and completely eliminate weeds. Having it will make your garden cleaner and tidy.

Metal Detecting Shovel

This heavy duty garden shovel can be used for outdoor digging, metal detection, loose soil planting, etc., made of high strength carbon steel, very durable.





L-Type Crack Weeder

Japanese Weeding Hoe-Red

M-Type Weed Puller

Japanese Weeding Hoe

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4.2 out of 5 stars

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— £17.99£17.99 £27.99£27.99 £13.99£13.99

38CM 41CM 33CM 32CM 33CM 26.5CM

Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel

Anti-Slip Handle

Solid Wood Handle


Love Gardening Love Life

A good day starts with gardening!

Application:This is a very practical gardening hand tool. You can use it to weed, trim branches, loosen the soil, plant flowers and plants, etc. It can help you solve most of your daily gardening tasks. At the same time, on the occasion of Christmas or Thanksgiving, you can also use it as an ideal gift to your relatives or friends, which are both very good choices.
Material:The handle adopts the classic high-quality wooden handle, which is exquisite and beautiful; the tool itself is made of 403 high-quality stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable.
Design Concept:It adopts a minimalist design, is strong and durable, and has a simple and beautiful appearance. It is a great gardening gift for women and men.
Reminder:This is a practical gardening manual weeding tool, please take good safety precautions during use.
Service Statement: All products in this shop are qualified, please rest assured to buy.If you have any inquiry about them, please feel free to contact us, we will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours.

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