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Magiho Garden Shovel, Multifunctional Outdoor Garden Spade, Garden Tools – Spades for Gardening Weed Scraper (23cm)

9 June 2024
2 mins read

Our Review

Based on customer reviews, it seems that this product is not user-friendly due to the difficulty in finding a handle that fits properly. One Amazon customer gave it a 1.0 out of 5 stars rating, stating that even with a recommended handle, it did not fit properly and had to be returned. The reviewer expressed frustration over the process of finding a suitable handle and the potential cost of returning the product. This feedback highlights a major flaw in the product design and compatibility, making it difficult for customers to use effectively.

Price: £12.99
(as of Jun 09, 2024 17:41:46 UTC – Details)

Product Name: Multifunctional cleaning garden spade Features:

-The garden shovel is made of a highly wear-resistant thickened manganese hacksaw blade with a special hardening treatment. Fits perfectly to the ground, with sharp edges making it easier to dig, cut, and pry.

-The patio weed remover tool not only clears weeds, but also acts as a scraper to remove moss and livestock manure. It can be used as a snow shovel in winter.

-Simply drill a suitable wooden handle into the cleaning shovel handle and secure it with an iron nail.

-Multifunctional cleaning garden shovel can be used in yards, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, garages, or cars, and are suitable for dirt, concrete, tile, marble, glass, and hardwood floors, making it a must-have in your home.

-The garden spade head is reinforced by multiple rivets and is not easy to fall off or break. The garden shovel you receive is coated with a layer of oil glue to protect the shovel. You don’t have to worry about affecting its use.

Material: Manganese hacksaw blade

Packing list:

– You will receive a garden spade head

【Efficient Cleaning】: The weeding tools for garden can quickly remove weeds and can also be used as a scraper to remove moss and livestock manure. It can also be used as a snow shovel. It is a good helper for all seasons and can solve most cleaning needs.
【High-quality material】: The garden spade adopts a highly wear-resistant thickened manganese steel saw blade, which is durable and can be reused for a long time. The garden shovel head fits seamlessly to the floor. (Note: garden shovels do not include wooden handles!)
【Ergonomic design】: The comfortable design is convenient for us to use, you can choose the right handle to install the shovel head according to your height, so anyone, can use it safely and comfortably without bending over.
【Safe use】: The shovel head is reinforced with multiple rivets, which is not easy to fall off or break. The cleaning shovel you receive will have a layer of oil glue on the surface. This is the protective oil we use to protect our knives and will not affect its use.
【Wide range of applications】: The multifunctional cleaning garden shovel head can solve most cleaning requirements, which means that it can be used not only as a shovel, but also as a scraper or extruder.

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