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Kensington- wired keyboard for PC, Laptop, Desktop, Computer, notebook. USB Keyboard compatible with Dell, Acer, HP, Samsung and more, with UK layout – Black (1500109)

20 April 2024
1 min read

Our Review

Based on the customer reviews, this Kensington keyboard seems to be a popular choice among users. Many customers praise its quality, value, performance, and comfort. Most reviewers find it easy to use, with a good feel to the keys and appreciate its quiet operation.

While some users found minor drawbacks such as the keys being in the wrong place or not corresponding to the description, the overall feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Customers who have used other keyboards in the past also note that this Kensington keyboard stands out in terms of comfort and performance.

Overall, this keyboard seems to be a solid choice for those looking for a reliable and functional option at a reasonable price.

Price: £10.99 - £9.99
(as of Apr 20, 2024 00:43:31 UTC – Details)

From the brand

Kensington brand story backgroundKensington brand story background

Kensington 40 Years BlueKensington 40 Years Blue

The Professionals’ Choice

Headquartered in California, Kensington are a leader in desktop and mobile accessories, trusted worldwide for over 40 years.

Docking Stations Docking Stations

Docking Stations

With Kensington universal docking solutions, a single cable is all it takes to get a full desktop experience from your laptop.

Kensington Pro VC UpdatedKensington Pro VC Updated

Pro Video Conferencing

In a world where life is caught on camera, Kensington knows that the right video set up will help you to look and sound your very best.

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Kensington Ergonomics Kensington Ergonomics

Health and Wellbeing Solutions

Working should feel like living. Improve your comfort in the workplace with Kensington Health & Wellbeing products.

Kensington Bags and SleevesKensington Bags and Sleeves

Bags and Sleeves

Carry your devices and accessories with ease. Kensington bags and sleeves are designed to fit all your needs and most importantly, you.

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Kensington Locks and PrivacyKensington Locks and Privacy

Security Solutions

From computer cable locks, to privacy screen filters and more, keep your devices protected with Kensington security solutions.

Kensington trackballs Kensington trackballs

Control Solutions

Kensington mice, keyboards, trackballs and presenters are made with comfort, efficiency and productivity in mind.

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Durable design – Kensington’s ValuKeyboard has a sealed membrane design that lets liquid from accidental spills run through without damaging keyboard electronics
Plug and play – reliable USB keyboard with simple plug and play connection via the 150 cm USB cable, means the keyboard is ready for use with your computer, laptop and notebook straight away
Wired USB keyboard – wired 150 cm USB cable for battery free reliability make this the ideal computer keyboard for the professional environment. Compatibility: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, macOS X 10.11, macOS 10.10 or above, macOS 10.9
Comfortable keyboard – tactile feedback keys for exceptional comfort
Essential Professional Keys – The ValuKeyboard features a UK Layout

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