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JQZWXX Anti-Blue Light TV Screen Protector, Frosted Surface Anti Scratch, 32/40/42/43 Inches Dustproof Filter Film Fits LCD, LED, QLED HDTV Displays, No Bubbles / 42in930x525mm

24 May 2024
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Price: £52.99
(as of May 24, 2024 14:53:16 UTC – Details)

Product information
Compatible Devices: Television
Materia: PET
Special Feature: Blue Light Block, Scratch Resistant, Anti-glare
Type: Matte
Product Dimensions:
32inch(698x392mm), 32inch(704x395mm),
40inch(875x483mm), 40inch(886x498mm),
42inch(917x516mm), 42inch(930x525mm),

Blue light hazards:
1.Damage the visual structure
2.Visual fatigue
3.Poor sleep
4.Causes glare

Suitable For: Insomniac, Students, Office Staff, Fashion Beauty, Pregnant Women, Elderly, Filter out Blue Light and Relieve Computer Eye Strain to Help You Sleep Better.
HIGH DEFINITION: Our TV protective film can keep the clear and vivid picture of any HDTV without affecting the viewing effect, effectively filtering out blue light and relieving eye fatigue.
FROSTED SURFACE: Reduce visual interference caused by strong light on the screen and some reflection and glare. Glare cannot be completely eliminated and is not recommended for outdoor use.
SCRATCH-PROOF: the scratch-proof coating protects your TV from children and pets, and the fashionable design makes the TV screen protector unobtrusive.
SIMPLE INSTALLATION: remove the protective film and stick it on the surface of the TV screen. If it is crooked, you can tear it off and stick it again, leaving no residual glue.
SIZE MEASUREMENT: Please measure the diagonal of your screen (without the frame) or look at your screen manufacture diagonal size in inches.

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