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Jetisva Set of 2 Garden Dibber for Planting Seed Planter Tool Stainless Steel Potato Planter Tool Hand Bulb Planter Transplanting Tool with Handle and Depth Mark for Vegetable Flower

17 May 2024
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Our Review

Overall, the customer reviews for this garden tool set are quite mixed. While some customers like Helen Atkinson found the planter easy to use and a great buy for their allotment, others like Elise D and John experienced issues with the quality of the items, with them breaking easily during use. Additionally, reviewers like LambZilla and NICK were disappointed with the durability of the tools, noting that they bent or collapsed shortly after use.

It seems that this garden tool set may not be the most reliable option for heavy or extended use. Customers looking for durable and long-lasting garden tools may want to consider other options based on these reviews.

Price: £10.99
(as of May 17, 2024 21:24:35 UTC – Details)


1)Name: Bulb Planter for planting
Material: plastic handle+stainless steel
Color: silver+light green
Size: 11*28*3cm(handle width*height*mouth dia)

2)Name: 1 x Dibber for planting bulbs
Material: wood handle+iron
Color: silver
Size: 23*13*85cm(height*handle leight*mouth dia)

Package included:
1 x Dibber for planting bulbs
1 x Bulb Planter for planting

❤Easy to transplant: tightening handle, insert the trans-planter into the soil, release the handle and lift the trans-planter.
❤Ergonomic design: user-friendly design, comfortable handle, it is not easy to use.
❤With hole puncher: with this bulb planter set, it can be planted more easily.
❤Durable: this tool kit is made of durable material for long time use.
❤Portable: small size, easy to carry and for outdoor use.
❤Perfect as a gift for garden novices, planting enthusiasts, suitable for home planting or seeding.

❤【High Quality】Crafted from durable stainless steel, our bulb planting tool is built to last. The mahogany garden dibber features a comfortable grip and is easy to use, even in hard soil. Plus, they’re rust-resistant and easy to clean.
❤【Efficient Design】: The gear-shaped bottom of our hand held bulb planter tool, combined with the spring-type adjustable handle, makes it easy to enter the ground and plant bulbs with minimal effort. This is a power-saving submersible bulb planter that will save you time and energy.
❤【T-shaped Dibber 】Equipped with a T-shaped crosspiece, our garden dibber makes it easy to turn and rotate, creating larger and deeper holes more efficiently. The “T” shape design is perfect for saving labor and enjoying your gardening time.
❤【Comfortable Grip】: Our bulb planter tool feature an ergonomic spring handle that makes them easy to use, even for extended periods. The dibber for planting bulbs is made of top-quality mahogany, with a comfortable grip that makes it easy to use even in hard soil.
❤【Perfect Pairing】: Our dibber and bulb planter work together seamlessly, making it easy to seed your garden with precision and efficiency. They are the perfect present for any garden or allotment lover.

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