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Claw Rake with Mesh Net, 15 Inch Japanese Hand Rake, 5-Tine Ninja Steel Clamming Claws, Long Handled Shell Clam Digger, Dig Seafood Accessories with Flat Cowhide Rope, Lightweight, Sturdy, Compact

1 May 2024
1 min read

Our Review

Based on the customer reviews, this garden tool is highly praised for its performance and quality. Customers have stated that it is a great little tool, very handy, and well made. It is particularly effective for weeding and reaching into raised beds. However, some users have mentioned that they wish the handle was longer. Overall, this tool seems to be a valuable investment for those looking for a reliable and efficient gardening tool.

Price: £25.20
(as of May 01, 2024 07:15:19 UTC – Details)

Using the right hand tool and technique is vital to produce the greatest work output. The best clam rake should last a few generations. If you’re searching for a new clam rake, you’ve come to the right location!

Avoid Hand and Wrist Fatigue
A sturdy rake should be lightweight yet with strong digging power. Our ergonomic shaped hand rake only weighs 285g( 10 OZ ). The whole length is 15 inch, which gives you a good grip and increased strength. The handle is engineered to be anti-slip which allows you to dig deeper without hurting or tiring you out.

Quality Craftsmanship
Our clam rake is forged together to make one single piece and then further secured by a steel rivet. This ensures the highest level of durability is bend resistant with improved digging strength.

Material: Iron + Wood Handle
Size: L15 x W4.8 x H2.7 INCH; Tooth pitch: 1INCH; Hole Diameter: 0.8 INCH.
Weight: 285g (10 OZ).

✅【PRACTICAL】: Our 5 tines hand rake features high quality sharp pointed claws that is exceptional for heavy-duty digging, loosening and weeding through dirt, soil and sand. As its claws are stainless steel, it is rustproof and corrosion free – which makes it extremely sturdy, durable and strong. Our excellent and effective hand rake ensures that you work efficiently and productively every time.
✅【INNOVATIVE】: Our mesh design allows you to perfectly scoop and contain without any slippage. In addition, the mesh netting provides multipurpose usage with our rake being perfect not only for tide hunting but also for planting and gardening.
✅【EASY TO USE】: Our hand rake is made out of lightweight and anti-slip high quality wood material that has smooth finishing with no cracks or knots – which helps keep you safe when using. The ergonomic shape promotes comfort, further ensuring that you won’t hurt yourself when working with it.
✅【CONVENIENT】: The handle with flat cowhide rope. It is convenient for you to carry with you. Our built to last ninja steel claw hand rake is compact in size which makes it easy to carry around. In addition, a handheld rake is perfect for working in small and tight spaces that requires delicate touches. The mesh netting design promotes convenience for rinsing and cleaning rocks, shells or other items directly under a faucet without the need for additional cleaning items.
✅【SIZE】: L15 x W4.8 x H2.7 INCH; Tooth pitch: 1INCH; Hole Diameter: 0.8 INCH. Weight: 10 OZ.

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