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Byhagern Twist Tiller Manual, Garden Claw Cultivator with Long Handle, Hand Tiller Tool for Plant Box and Gardening Bed

3 June 2024
1 min read

Our Review

Overall, customers have had mixed experiences with this garden cultivator. While some customers rave about its effectiveness and sturdiness, others have encountered issues with bent prongs and loose screws.

Venice, Kernowk8, Kinga, philip f., ASH, and Amelie all gave positive reviews, highlighting the product’s durability and ease of use. They found it to be a great garden tool that made soil turning and breaking up the ground a breeze.

On the other hand, Tamara gowler, Chiz, and Mihaela Simion had some concerns. Tamara gowler experienced bent prongs and loose screws after minimal use, while Chiz had a prong bend out of shape after the first use. Mihaela Simion found the product to be useful but felt it was a bit expensive.

Overall, despite some complaints about its durability, the majority of customers found this garden cultivator to be a handy and effective tool for their gardening needs.

Price: £27.99
(as of Jun 03, 2024 04:34:52 UTC – Details)

Product Description



Byhagern Heavy Duty Manual Twist Tiller

The indispensable helper for gardening work!


Garden Manual Twist Tiller

The arc-shaped tines are designed to penetrate deep into the soil and use the twisting force of the body to break open the soil. Note: The tines are sharp, please keep away from children!

The head of the hand tiller is made of hardened carbon steel material, and the surface is treated with an anti-rust coating to ensure the durability of the product!Multi-purpose gardening tools: Soil loosening, lawn renovation, discover the joys of gardening!

NOTE: Wipe clean and keep dry after use for longer life.




4-Sharp Tines: The hand tiller has 4 sharp and strong long tines, just insert into the ground and turn, the tines will penetrate the hard soil very smoothly and will not easily break or bend.
Curved Handle Design: The arc-shaped design of the twist tiller handle is more ergonomic. Gently twisting along the arc direction can drive the power of the body for efficient work.
Simple to Use: The garden hand tiller set with instruction manual for simple assembly guide; And the extended handle height eliminates sore knees or flexed back strains.
Multiple Utility: The manual garden claw can easily turn, loosen, till, aerate and promoting the free flow of water, air.
Warm Tips: The tines on the twist tiller head are sharp, keep away from children! If have any product problems, please believe us, we will be responsible for all product problems.

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