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BUENTYA Garden Weeder Tool, 27cm Manual Weeding Puller Stainless Steel Hand Weed Remover Tool Dandelion Remover Tool with Wooden Handle & Y-Shaped for Garden, Yard, Lawn, Farm, Planting, Weeding

4 June 2024
2 mins read

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Don’t you know what tools to use to pull out weeds and transplant seedlings?
Or do you need to loosen the soil for your plants?
Well, use BUENTYA Garden Weeder Tool — One tool can be used in three ways, making your gardening work no longer difficult and allowing you to enjoy the fun of gardening.

🌱Light and Effective
The wooden handle weed puller is a practical and lightweight gardening tool that will help you remove unwanted weeds with ease.

🌱Easy to Use
The weeding fork is bent at a greater angle and therefore provides greater leverage so that weeds can be removed with less effort and efficiency. It can be used on a wide variety of soil types. It can be used to remove weeds from the roots, transplant plants, loosen soil and a host of other gardening treatments.

🌱V-shaped Fork
Due to the sharp V shape of the fork, it is easier to push it into the soil and pierce the roots of the weeds, and the roots and weeds are easily pulled out of the soil by pulling from below.

🌱High Quality Steel & Wooden Handles
This wooden handle weed puller consists of a natural wooden handle and a polished steel serrated fork. The material does not rust, is stable, sharp, does not bend easily and is very durable.

Material: stainless steel, wood
Size: 27*2.3cm
Weight: 110g
Applicable to: gardeners, gardening enthusiasts

Packaging includes
1 * Manual Weeding Puller

🌱【V-Shaped Fork Digs Deep Into The Soil】Every garden weed puller comes with a V-shaped fork, designed to penetrate the soil effortlessly; Sharp V-shaped fork and smooth V-shaped blade, 27*2.3cm , this design provides a beautiful and effective way to grip and pull out stubborn weeds in your garden.
🌱【Comfortable Handle, Compact & Lightweight】Garden Weed Puller This tool is small and lightweight, easy to carry, and can easily help remove excess weeds. The handle is expertly crafted from polished wood, providing a comfortable grip and added style during use. No additional handles or skills required, making weeding easier and easier.
🌱【Lever Principle Design】Designed according to the labor-saving lever principle, there is a support point in the center of the garden weed puller. When the weed puller is inserted into the ground, this can increase its stability and also strengthen the lifting action, making the weed puller more stable. The bottom support can withstand greater force, reduce hand fatigue, improve efficiency, save time and effort, and make gardening work easier.
🌱【Premium Manufacturing】Our hand weeding tools are designed with modern aesthetics to enhance the overall gardening experience; these weeding tools are made of high-quality stainless steel for long life and resistance to bending; the smooth stainless steel also adds sophistication to these functional tools feel. The tool does not deform over time, so it can be used for a long time.
🌱【Multi-Function Tool for Gardeners】This weed puller allows you to easily complete tasks such as removing deep-rooted weeds, transplanting plants and aerating the soil. In addition to pulling out weeds, moss, etc., these garden weed pullers can also be used for transplanting flower seedlings and seedlings. Their simplicity and efficiency save you time and labor, making them a must-have tool for gardening enthusiasts.

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