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Bosch Country II TWK7503GB Cordless Kettle, – 1.7 Litres, 3000 W – Bl Stainless steel electric kettle with 3000 W fast boil, auto shut-off, boil-dry protection, limescale filter, in black

24 August 2023
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Product Review: Bosch Country II TWK7503GB Cordless Kettle


The Bosch Country II TWK7503GB Cordless Kettle is a stainless steel electric kettle with a 3000 W fast boil feature. It comes with several safety protections, including automatic shut-off, overheat and boil-dry protection, and lift switch-off features. The kettle also has a convenient cord storage under the base for added safety. The 1.7-liter plastic jug features an easy-pour spout and a limescale filter. The 360-degree base ensures that the kettle heats up wherever it is placed, and the easy-to-read water scale is visible on both sides of the jug. The spout also has a removable filter to prevent lumps of limescale from getting into the water. The kettle has a modern rounded design with an ergonomic operation and a single-touch button opening. It is spill-free and has a fast heat-up time due to its 3000 W power.


Many customers have praised the Bosch Country II TWK7503GB Cordless Kettle for its excellent features and performance. One customer appreciated the easy-to-see water level indicator, which is beneficial for both right and left-handed individuals. The min/max water level is also considered ideal by customers. Another positive aspect mentioned by customers is the lid, which can be opened with one hand using the thumb lid lever. The kettle has no problems with scale build-up, even in hard water areas, thanks to the removable filter and the cover on the heating element, which makes cleaning quick and simple. Customers also appreciate the fast boil feature and the elegant design of the kettle.


While the majority of customers are satisfied with the Bosch Country II TWK7503GB Cordless Kettle, there are a few negative aspects mentioned in the reviews. One customer pointed out that the kettle is made of plastic, despite the initial description stating it is stainless steel. This discrepancy led to disappointment and a return of the product. Another customer mentioned that the lid doesn’t open fully, which can hinder the cleaning process. Some customers also expressed concerns about the durability of the on/off switch and the button to open the kettle lid, as they feel flimsy and may not last long. Additionally, the process of registering the guarantee for the product was found to be inconvenient, requiring access to a Bosch website and the creation of a key system account.


Overall, the Bosch Country II TWK7503GB Cordless Kettle offers several impressive features, including fast boiling, safety protections, and an easy-to-read water scale. Customers appreciate the elegant design and the convenience of the removable filter for preventing limescale build-up. However, the discrepancy between the initial description and the actual material used in the kettle, as well as concerns about the durability of certain components, are important factors to consider. Despite these drawbacks, the Bosch Country II TWK7503GB Cordless Kettle is still a popular choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient electric kettle.

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