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ANZONGYI 3 Pieces Flower Gardening Kit Miniature Gardening Rake Trowel and Shovel Succulent Plants Tools for Indoor Miniature Fairy Garden

23 April 2024
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Our Review

Overall, the reviews for these garden tools are quite mixed. Maureen Taylor gave a 5-star rating, mentioning that she bought them for ornamental purposes initially but found them to be suitable for houseplants as well. Penelope Dunham, on the other hand, rated them 3 stars due to their small size, but felt it wasn’t worth returning them. Leena rated them 4 stars, noting that they are ideal for model-making or miniature gardens.

However, there are also some negative reviews to consider. Robert only gave them 1 star, claiming that the toys were in very bad condition and not suitable for kids despite the description. Tiffany H. rated them 2 stars, stating that the tops of the tools are too flimsy and come off easily. Mrs C White also gave them 2 stars, expressing disappointment in the quality of the handles and the overall product.

It seems that while some customers found these garden tools to be handy and good value for money, others were dissatisfied with the quality and durability. It may be worth considering these mixed reviews before making a purchase.

Price: £3.99
(as of Apr 23, 2024 21:28:01 UTC – Details)

Package Contents: 3 Pieces Gardening Hand Tool, Dimensions: Rake: 18.5 X 4.0 Cm, Trowel: 22.5 X 2.5Cm, Spade: 21.5 X 4 Cm. High Quality Material: Made Of High-Quality Wood And Iron, The Heads On The Wooden And Metal Tools Are Securely Attached, Can Be Used For A Long Time. Practical Design: The Transplanting Tools Are Lightweight, Iron Surface Spray Treatment, Not Rust, Beautiful, Not Easy To Dirty. Easy To Transplant: You Can Use Them For Digging, Loosening Soil, Transplanting,Clipping, Cleaning, Watering Ect. Widely Used: Widly Use For Succulent Plants, Bonsai Plants, Cactus, Green Or Flowering Indoor Plants, Terrarium-Making,Tool For Bonsai Ect. Anzongyi 3 Pieces Flower Gardening Kit Miniature Gardening Rake, Trowel And Shovel Succulent Plants Tools For Indoor Miniature Fairy Garden Plant Care
Package Contents: 3 Pieces gardening hand tool, dimensions: rake: 18.5 x 4.0 cm, trowel: 22.5 x 2.5cm, spade: 21.5 x 4 cm.
High Quality Material: Made of high-quality wood and iron, the heads on the wooden and metal tools are securely attached, can be used for a long time.
Practical Design: The transplanting tools are lightweight, Iron surface spray treatment, not rust, beautiful, not easy to dirty.
Easy To Transplant: You can use them for digging, loosening soil, transplanting,clipping, cleaning, watering ect.
Widely Used: Widly use for succulent plants, bonsai plants, cactus, green or flowering indoor plants, terrarium-making,tool for bonsai ect.

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